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Go Green and Save Money with Green IT Power Management

Triumfant Green IT Power Management is an easy-to-use and effective approach to reducing energy costs in your endpoint computer environment, while conserving the environment.

Enforce Your Green IT Policies

Triumfant Green IT Power Management reduces computer power consumption without impacting computer use or maintenance and administration. Based on an organization’s energy management policies, Triumfant’s Green IT automatically detects when a PC is out of compliance and automatically adjusts it to the correct power configuration settings, ensuring that power policies are enforced on every machine, every day. The result are savings that range from $20 to $40 per machine per year, creating a rapid return on investment. Because Triumfant performs the Green IT processes automatically, there is very minimal associated labor costs to realize these savings.

Solving the Maintenance Conundrum

Traditionally, users were instructed to keep their endpoint computer on after hours so IT Operations could perform regular maintenance on the machines off hours. Triumfant allows operations to coordinate energy policies with operational requirements to ensure that machine are available for needed maintenance but turned off the remainder of the time. The result allows IT administrators to easily maintain optimal settings across the IT environment while maximizing available savings.

Fully Adaptable and Customizable to your Environment

Triumfant Green IT Power Management comes out-of-the-box with energy policies that can be easily customized through a wizard driven interface to meet your organization's specific requirements. Administrators have total flexibility to create policies that address the entire computer population, groups of computers, or down to the single computer. Triumfant has a broad range of features including Wake-On-LAN, autosave capabilities, and extensive exception processing to ensure that the energy management process is as transparent as possible to the users.

Save Money, Energy and the Environment

In a 10,000 workstation environment where machines are left on all the time, the annual cost for electricity can be up to $13,300,000, depending on the cost per kilowatt hour of electricity in the United States, and the average amount of electricity consumed by desktop computers and monitors. Using Triumfant Green IT Power Management, organizations could save upwards of $1,000,000 per year in electricity bills. Total savings could be even greater when factoring in the associated reduction in energy cost for air conditioning and the tax benefits linked to energy conservation. These savings are likely to grow significantly over time as energy costs increase.



  • Continuous compliance with energy policies
  • Centralized control over PC power settings
  • Rapid adoption via out-of-the box power policies and a wizard driven editor to customize policies
  • Reduce IT energy costs by up to $40 per PC, per year
  • Rapid and verifiable ROI in 12 months or less



Triumfant's Green IT Power Management solution offers a range of unique benefits.

Centralized Control Over Windows Power Management Settings

  • Allows disk drives and/or monitors to be powered down when not in use
  • Places computers in hibernate or standby state after a predetermined period of inactivity
  • Provides control over dynamic throttling capabilities
  • Allows different power management policies to be applied to different groups of computers
  • Triumfant agent overrides local user settings to ensure compliance with desired power management policies
  • Web based interface allows detailed examination of power management settings for each computer and provides push button control over power states

On Demand or Scheduled Power State Transitions

  • Forces individual computers or groups of computers to transition to a low power state (hibernate, standby, shutdown) according to a centrally administered schedule or on demand
  • Includes automatic remediation of computers that are not compliant with desired power state management policies
  • Provides an optional warning message to the user just prior to a scheduled power state transition and can be configured to allow the user to postpone a scheduled power state transition
  • Automatically saves open documents prior to a scheduled power state transition to prevent loss of data

Wake-on-LAN Capabilities

  • Automatically powers up designated groups of computers using Wake-on-LAN technology
  • Scheduled and controlled via Resolution Manager’s sophisticated task scheduler enabling synchronization with other management tasks
  • Automatically identifies the powered up computers in each subnet to serve as relays for the Wake-on-LAN magic packets

Rich Power Management Reporting Capabilities

  • Built-in “Green IT” calculator to forecast the power savings impact associated with a given power management policy
  • Power State Distribution report to view the actual impact of power management policies over time
  • Wide variety of reports that identify and characterize computers that are not in compliance with power management policies


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Introduction to Triumfant   The Triumfant Difference


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