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Targeted Attack Detection

Targeted attacks are a growing class of attacks written to exploit the weaknesses of a specific organization. The Verizon Business 2012 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) noted that targeted attacks accounted for half of the breaches that resulted in data loss and cut across organizations of all sizes and industries. These attacks are created to specifically evade the prevention software of the targeted organization and establish a clandestine, long-term presence to accomplish their goal.

Working to their advantage is the fact that most organizations are not equipped to detect breaches. The Verizon Business DBIR noted that of the 855 breaches studied that someone other than the attacked organization discovered 92% of the breaches, and that 85% of the breaches took weeks or more to discover.

Triumfant delivers a rapid detection and response capability that fills the breach detection gap. Patented analytics use change detection to detect malware, enabling Triumfant to identify the attacks that evade organizational defenses. Within minutes of the breach, Triumfant returns comprehensive, actionable information, and constructs a situational remediation that stops the attack and repairs the damage to the machine.

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Introduction to Triumfant   The Triumfant Difference
Introduction to Triumfant   The Triumfant Difference
Introduction to Triumfant   Introduction to Triumfant
White Paper: Closing the Breach Detection Gap   Solution Brief: Malware Detection and Remediation

"The number of targeted attacks increased fourfold between January 2011 and November 2011."

Symantec Intelligence Report
November, 2011


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