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Attacks happen.

See how our Monitored Service Solution can help you discover and remove advanced malware in less than five minutes.

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Triumfant detects the attacks that
evade other defenses. Learn
about our innovative approach.

How Triumfant Detects Malware
A Deeper Technical Dive

Triumfant identifies breaches, provides actionable analysis, stops the attack and repairs the machine - in real-time.

What is the Breach Detection Gap?
Closing the Breach Detection Gap

Triumfant reduces the risk from undetected breaches that expose sensitive data & intellectual property.

Detecting Targeted Attacks
Detecting APT Attacks
Detecting Zero Day Attacks

Watch Triumfant detect, analyze, and remediate an attack built with the Poison Ivy Remote Access Trojan (RAT) tool.

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About Triumfant

Triumfant leverages patented analytics to detect, analyze and remediate the malicious attacks that evade traditional endpoint protection solutions such as the Advanced Persistent Threat, Zero Day Attacks, targeted attacks, and rootkits. Triumfant automates the process of building a contextual and surgical remediation that addresses the malware and all of the associated collateral damage. Endpoints go from infection to remediation in five minutes without the need to reboot or re-image.

Triumfant uses these same analytics to continually enforce security configurations and policies, ensuring that organizations start every day with their endpoints secure and audit ready. Enforce FDCC Compliance with our NIST SCAP Validated tool and see how Triumfant is helping agencies realize the SCAP vision of security automation

Worldwide Malware Signature Counter

The total signatures needed by signature based tools to detect malicious attacks. See the details
about the counter

Triumfant uses granular change detection, eliminating the need for prior knowledge and enabling organizations to see new malware threats. This innovative approach means that Triumfant identifies the malware that signature based tools miss due to low antivirus detection rates.