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Real-time Malware Detection and Remediation

A New Approach to Detecting and Remediating Malicious Attacks

Organizations must look to rapidly detect the attacks that are evading their shields and successfully infiltrating endpoint machines and servers and respond accordingly. Zero day attacks, targeted attacks, and the Advanced Persistent Threat are just some of the attacks that get through organizational shields with alarming frequency. Unfortunately, the sophisticated, motivated adversaries of today dodge the next silver bullet preventative technology with amazing agility.

Triumfant combines efficient change detection with patented analytics that identify malicious attacks, determine the threat and impact of that attack, and automate the construction of situational, contextual, and precise remediations that repair the attack and all associated damage to the machine. Simply put, Triumfant detects the attacks that evade other tools and fixes what it finds within minutes of the infection. This includes zero day attack detection and targeted attack detection. Triumfant also excels at detecting the Advanced Persistent Threat. No rebooting, and no need to re-image the machine. That translates to no associated costs for re-imaging or lost productivity for the affected users.

Triumfant detects malicious attacks without the need for prior knowledge - no signatures or cloud-based data. Triumfant is neutral to attack vector, tradecraft, or delivery mechanism (i.e. USB memory devices). Same with remediation - no scripts, no pre-written remediations. Triumfant builds a custom remediation to stop the attack and repair the collateral damage to the machine.

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Introduction to Triumfant   The Triumfant Difference
Introduction to Triumfant   The Triumfant Difference
Solution Brief: Malware Detection and Remediation   White Paper: Malware Detection and Remediation

"...the definition of successful defense has to change from “keeping attackers out” to “sometimes attackers are going to get in; detect them as early as possible and minimize the damage.” Assume that your organization might already be compromised and go from there."

When Advanced Persistent Threats Go Mainstream
Security for Business Innovation Council
August, 2011


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