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Triumfant Demonstrations and Videos

See Firsthand how Triumfant's Innovative Approach Really Works

Demonstration - Malware Detection and Remediation.

Watch a demonstration of the Malware Detection and Remediation capabilities of Triumfant. The demo shows a victim machine being infected with a malicious attack built in Poison Ivy, and then shows Triumfant detecting the attack and returning a comprehensive analysis within minutes of the infection. The demo also shows Triumfant stopping the attack and repairing the machine using a custom remediation built on the fly.

Webinar Video - Closing the Post-Breach Detection Gap.

Watch a video that discusses the challenges that organizations face in regards to rapidly detecting and responding to breaches in their networks. The webinar defines the problems and shows how Triumfant can:
  • Detect breaches within minutes of the infection
  • Detect targeted attacks, zero days, and APT attacks
  • Generate detailed, actionable information about the breach
  • Stop the attack and repair the damage to the machine

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