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Strategic Alliances

The power of Triumfant is magnified when Triumfant can complement and extend the other technologies in use by our customers. Strategic Alliance companies are those organizations where Triumfant has worked to seamlessly integrate with the respective products of those companies share information and consolidate command and control.

Strategic Alliance Partners:

ArcSight CEF Certified

Triumfant has been certified as compliant with ArcSights Common Event Format (CEF). CEF presents a common format for technology companies such as Triumfant to expose data in a format that can be easily collected and aggregated for analysis by an enterprise management system such as ArcSight. Triumfant leverages the ArcSight CEF format to send critical information about identified security incidents to the ArcSight Platform to close critical gaps in detection and provide additional visibility into the security of the endpoint population.

Download the White Paper on the Triumfant's ArcSightCEF integration.

   McAfee Compatible

McAfee, Inc. is the world’s largest dedicated security technology company. The company delivers proactive and proven solutions and services that help secure systems and networks around the world, allowing users to safely connect to the Internet, browse, and shop the web more securely. Backed by an award-winning research team, McAfee creates innovative products that empower home users, businesses, the public sector, and service providers by enabling them to prove compliance with regulations, protect data, prevent disruptions, identify vulnerabilities, and continuously monitor and improve their security.

The integration of Triumfant Resolution Manager with ePO allows customers to view the unwanted changes and unexpected conditions detected by TRM through the ePO console. ePO users can switch to TRM to view the details of the changes detected, review and execute the synthesized remediation and execute reports. This integration provides ePO users additional insight into the security readiness of the endpoint population through Triumfant's ability to identify and analyze unusual changes to each machine.

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Introduction to Triumfant   The Triumfant Difference
Introduction to Triumfant   The Triumfant Difference
Introduction to Triumfant    
White Paper: Triumfant ArcSight CEF Integration    


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