The Triumfant Difference: A Smart Investment

Like most organizations, you need to detect and remediate attacks while maintaining business as usual. Triumfant AtomicEye provides a clear and accurate view into your security status with sophisticated yet pragmatic threat detection and resolution capabilities that require minimal infrastructure or maintenance overhead.

Triumfant Analytical Engine: Discover, Analyze, Remediate, and PreventTriumfant picks up where network-based prevention tools leave off, detecting and responding to persistent or volatile malware including APTs, targeted attacks, in-memory attacks, zero-day attacks and rootkits – all without prior knowledge of these threats and in real time at the point of infiltration. Our always-on monitoring eliminates the need for nightly agent updates, stays ahead of evolving threats, and uses patented technology to detect attacks that evade other protections.

Triumfant AtomicEye uniquely combines full spectrum, agent-based data collection with the context of server-based analytics to bring a level of accuracy to anomaly discovery not previously available. Learn more about how AtomicEye is able to detect, analyze, remediate, and prevent malicious attacks.

Benefits of Triumfant’s AtomicEye

AtomicEye provides a comprehensive solution that includes the following powerful benefits:

  • Start every day with endpoints secure, compliant and audit ready
  • Reduce the time IT professionals spend remediating issues
  • More uptime for critical devices
  • Easily integrates with third-party SIEM tools, trouble-ticketing applications, network forensics appliances and services
  • Monitors more than 700,000 assets per protected machine

Keeping Ahead of Threats

Triumfant is a smart investment with proven scalability and returns. Its future-proof, self-learning technology continuously evolves to keep ahead of next-generation threats and malicious attacks. Its architecture couples agent-based precision with server-based analysis that leverages the context of the machine population to ensure accuracy and eliminate false positives. AtomicEye adds a unique remediation capability so detected attacks can be stopped and the damage repaired to eliminate further risk and minimize interruption.

Using Patented Technology and Memory Scanning

Memory Process Scanner: Detect Exploits in RAMTriumfant has been granted six U.S. patents, including for our Memory Process Scanner (a novel technique for detecting rootkits), and we have additional patents pending. The Memory Process Scanner discovers and remediates malware attacks that occur in an endpoint computer’s volatile memory, including exploits that have been injected into Random Access Memory (RAM). The scanner helps prevent these attack components from evading discovery and provides a way to clean them from memory. This technology differentiates Triumfant from other next-generation anti-malware technologies, which typically do no remediation of in-memory attacks other than to force a reboot of the machine in hopes of clearing the attack from memory.

Detecting the Attacks that Evade Other Protections

As changes are detected by the agent and sent to the server, Triumfant’s analytics employ sophisticated algorithms and correlation functions to leverage the learned context and identify potentially malicious changes. When there is an attack, AtomicEye sees all the collateral damage done to the machine and identifies secondary payloads and other components of dynamic targeted exploits. Within minutes of the infection, AtomicEye returns a wealth of information about the attack that would take experienced analysts hours or days to prepare.

Automating remediation is not trivial, and this AtomicEye capability represents a fundamental change in IT security. One attack may change hundreds of registry entries, add or alter multiple files, open a port, change configuration settings, and corrupt system calls. Remediating today’s malicious attack requires sophisticated counter-measures such as ejecting rootkits, neutralizing watchdog processes, uncloaking hidden processes and identifying randomly named executables. Pre-written scripts and other generic remediation approaches can’t handle this complexity, but AtomicEye can.